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To the unfortunate ones...

This web site is a tribute to the unfortunate victims of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. Some believe that this tragic event, which took place over 300 years ago, was the result of a restrictive type of government practiced by the Massachusetts Bay Colony and new economic pressures in the Colony's towns that may have caused bitterness, aggression, and outright paranoia. The whole disaster can be traced back to Reverand Samuel Parris' daughter, niece, and slave. Betty, his daughter, and Abigail, Parris' niece, had become fascinated with voodoo and the black arts after hearing stories from Tituba, the slave. They began having fits; and when the doctor could find no reason, he declared witchcraft. Whether they truly had fits or got caught up in their lies, the girls were pressed to give names of the ones involved with the witchcraft. The accusations escalated and escalated until the situation turned into a mass frenzy.

The Victims

By the end of the hysteria 4 years later, 156 people had been accused, 19 people hanged, one man pressed to death for refusing to answer to the charges, and 2 dogs hanged for supposedly making "evil eyes" at some of the town children.

Bridget Bishop of Salem

Sarah Good of Salem Village

Rebecca Nurse of Salem Village

Susannah Martin of Amesbury

Elizabeth Howe of Ipswich

Sarah Wildes of Topsfield

George Burroughs of Wells, Maine

John Proctor of Salem Village

John Willard of Salem Village

George Jacobs, Sr. of Salem Town

Martha Carrier of Andover

Giles Corey of Salem Farms

Martha Corey of Salem Farms

Mary Eastey of Topsfield

Alice Parker of Salem town

Ann Pudeater of Salem Town

Margaret Scott of Rowley

Wilmott Reed of Marblehead

Samuel Wardwell of Andover

Mary Parker of Andover

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